Lori Henriksen

author of The Winter Loon



DSC_7074-Edit-EditI believe in synchronicity, the influence of the patterns of past generations and the power of story. The Winter Loon is an invented story of my mother’s life about the healing power of love that occurs when we have the sense of being connected and whole, a love of self and others. I believe we have the potential to strengthen and transform ourselves through story.

I live in Oregon, in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains, surrounded by forest. Hiking trails weave through the trees, following and crossing a creek with crashing waterfalls. Finding solace in nature and in the company of Ponderosa Pines over 100 feet tall, pushing toward old-growth status, I write stories.

Jean Houston, philosopher and author of many books says, “Consciously or unconsciously, we are drawn to stories that provide the missing parts to the puzzle of our own lives.”

That’s why I write.




Lori Henriksen earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in psychology at U.C. Berkeley and a Masters degree in Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions at San Francisco State University. After completing an internship at the San Francisco Family Therapy Center, she opened a psychotherapy practice, specializing in working with people seeking their birth families and in the field of child abuse prevention.

During the AIDS epidemic, she volunteered with the AIDS Health Project.

In addition, she was employed by City College of San Francisco as a counselor in The Disabled Students Program.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lori, there is no e-mail contact for you, but I wanted to thank you for LIKING my book trailer at Literary Liaisons. My upcoming novel, RETURN TO SENDER will be releases this fall. I too, am an Oregon girl and the novel takes place in Manzanita. Stay in touch. The Winter Loon sounds wonderful. Mindy @ http://www.mindyhalleck.com

  2. Rebecca’s blog about you was inspiring!

  3. Thank you Karen. Rebecca interviews aspiring, new and published authors every Wednesday http://www.r2redshaw.blogspot.com/. I’m honored to have been featured.

  4. Oh Lori…we speak and seek alike. I can’t wait to know more about you, and to read your words.

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