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Nourishment – Food, Sustenance, Nutrition

As you can imagine, eating healthy during the Depression years was difficult. Women did their best with food from the garden. Those who qualified received food stamps. A frugal woman could make a cut of meat last for a week, stretching with gravy, starches such as potatoes, pastas. Casseroles and canning were also inventive ways to extend ingredients.

The desperately poor scrabbled for food every day, often relying on bread and soup lines. Sometimes going without food.

The ubiquitous dandelion weed with its mild, slightly bitter taste and high nutritional value made a healthy, free salad. The woman in the video below, if she is still with us, would be 111 years old today. She was 94 in 2009 when the video was filmed. She has a series of videos about food preparation during the Depression years.

She knew what she was talking about. Check out this link for the health benefits of eating dandelion leaves:




My own personal crop

If you don’t have your own crop of dandelion leaves, free of pesticides and fertilizer, you can buy them at most supermarkets, health food stores or farmers markets. It’s worth it to give dandelion leaves a try.

Do a Google search for dandelion salad recipes and enjoy!



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